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If you already have a domain name registered through any other registrar and wish to go with our hosting package you need to modify the name servers. Contact your registrar and specify them with our DOMAIN NAME SERVER Information you also have to modify the technical Contact information. You can list these DNS servers for all of the domains you host with GeoHost.
Domain Name Servers (DNS) in listed order

Primary DNS Server Name: ns1.dns77.com
Primary DNS Server IP:
Secondary DNS Server Name: ns2.dns77.com
Secondary DNS Server IP:
Technical Contact Information
The GeoHost user can use their Information for the technical contact or can use ours.
Tech-Name: Domain Master
Tech-Title: Domain Registration
Company Telligent Corporation.
Tech-Postal: Suite 275, 3553 31 ST NW, Calgary, AB T2L 2K7
Tech-Phone: +1 (403) 313-2032
Tech-Fax: +1 (403) 451-1509
Tech-Mailbox: dm@telligent.ca
Domain Name Expiration Procedure (.com, .net and .org only)
Domain Name Expiration Date
Once the domain name expires the domain will be deactivated.  All domain services including the web page and email will no longer work. 
Domain Name Grace Period
(30 days)
A domain name, if not renewed before the expiry date, will be in a "grace period" for approximately 30 days. During this time the domain name will not be active and may be renewed by the original owner by paying the renewal cost plus an additional charge of $15 CDN/US. It will take 24-72 hours before the domain services will re-activate.
Domain Name Redemption Period
(30-45 days)

At the end of the Grace Period, the domain will enter into a 30-45 day Redemption Period. WHOIS information (name, address, telephone numbers, etc.) will be deleted. The domain will still be inactive. The domain may be renewed by its original owner for $165 CDN or $135 US + renewal fees. It is a manual process for the registry to add the name/address information back into the domain registry records, therefore, the process may take several days.

Note: This Redemption fee is imposed by the Registry not by GeoHost. The Redemption fee does not apply to .ca domains.
Domain Name Deletion Approximately 3-7 days after the end of the redemption period the domain name will be deleted from the registry and will be available for anyone to register.

Additional information concerning the Redemption Period can by found on ICANN web site.
Domain Transfer Procedure (.com, .net and .org)
Whether you intend to transfer to us or away from us, this is applicable for both cases. The registrant transfer has to be initiated at least 2 (two) weeks before the expiry date. A domain goes into REGISTER-HOLD status approximately 10 (ten) days before the expiry date. At this stage you MUST renew the domain with current registry. We won't be able to initiate a transfer to us. In the case of a domain being transferred away from us, we will not be able to remove this REGISTER-HOLD status also. It is placed in this status by the registry, NOT by us.

If you pay the transfer fee and we also initiate the transfer, that does not mean your domain will be transferred. Please check following points before paying for transfer:
a) Check the WHOIS information by going to www.nsi.com. The domain should NOT be in Locked or REGISTER-HOLD status. There should be minimum 2 weeks time befor the expiry date. The administrative contact email address must be valid and accessible.
b) After we initiate the transfer, several emails will be sent to the administrative contact email address by us as well as by the losing registrar to confirm the transfer. Please read those emails carefully and respond accordingly without any delay.

This system is regulated by ICANN (www.icann.org). For more information please consult their website.
Domain Transfer Procedure (.ca)

Transfer of .CA domains to a new registrar - Geohost (Telligent Corporation)

1. The domain owner gets the authorization code from the current registrar and signs up for a .ca domain transfer on Geohost (Telligent Corporation).
2. Geohost (Telligent Corporation) initiates transfer through CIRA (www.cira.ca) and the domain will be transferred to Geohost.

Domain Registrant Information Change and updates
.ca, .com, .net and .org and all other domains - Procedure

1 - Registrant name/information Change (Ownership change) - There is no charge

2 - Changing invalid/dead email address -
There is no charge

If you have any questions kindly email support@geohost.ca

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